Brittany B

I love this app! I was keeping my new puppy's schedule in the Notes app on my phone, but it was getting too muddled and hard to read and follow after a few days. So I searched for an app to help and found this one and it's amazing! Logging things is so easy and I love that my husband and I can connect in the app so that we can both make entries. An added bonus was that I took a survey in the app suggesting an update that I'd love to see, and (maybe it was a coincidence) but the next day they had added the feature I was hoping for to the app! Overall a great experience. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for an easy way to track their pup's schedule!

Manu PL

My partner and I used this app for housebreaking our 3 month old puppy. We were amazed at how much functionality the app has for free. You are able to track all of your puppy’s eating, sleeping, medical treatment, grooming and potty habits so you can make sure you create a routine. It even has a very handy weekly overview that shows you at which time you completed certain activities so you can notice trends or changes in behavior. The paid version seems to be for having mor users in your account or creating custom activities which we didnt need. 10/10 recommend

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